Saturday, June 11, 2011

Who needs the Academy.

Sorry we haven't been keeping up with the blog. Not much internet on the road, and the little we have is spotty. This doesn't include our gracious hosts of course. We've been too busy catching up to bury our noses in the computer while visiting.

So here's a quick shout out from Kristina's Android to the great friends that made this leg of the trip possible: (Please forgive any misspelled names)

San Francisco, CA: Bob & Lindsey. Cats: Puma, Weezer, and Vale.
Ventura, CA: Matt & Jess. Dog: Pepper. Mouse: Taco. Fish: Blackie and Whitey.
Encinitas, CA: Jeramiah. Roomates: Nate and Matt. Dogs: Duke and Cali.
Marble, CO: Hawkins & Chrissy & Ellamae. Dogs: Sasha, Deja, and Lucky. Cats: Clovis and Jasper. Special Guest appearances by Tom & Marilyn and Spencer too.
Winterpark, CO: Ryan & Valerie.
Denver, CO: Tim & Kelly. Dogs: Monty and Patton. Met up with: Trevor & Kelly. Clint.

Let your mugs never be empty and may all your viruses be computer related.

Jarrett & Kristina

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