Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Finding a Marble in the mountains

After the plural mountains of Utah, we had a revelation to return to Marble, CO for the 2nd time within a year. We visited our friends Hawkins & Chrissy. It was of course as glorious as we remembered. I had a testimony that this is a prophets' paradise.

View from the front deck

This time we met our new friend, Ellamae, only 7 weeks old. I got to hold her and everything, she is a bundle of joy!

Ellamae and me.

The first night we jammed out on guitars and got into an impromptu free-styling session (thanks Spencer for awakening old demons). We also caught up with chit-chat and tipped back a few drinks.

Marble's own -- Deja Blue

The next day we explored the bustling village of Marble, CO. We went up the road to the quarry, the only place that mines pure white marble. This marble was used to make the Lincoln Memorial and the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier (both located in D.C. which is tomorrow's destination). We tried a couple of hikes to waterfalls but we were blocked by flooded paths. We did see this guy:

Hawkins and Chrissy made us feel more than welcome, we stayed in the loft bedroom. We awoke to huge windows with views on all sides. They made us some great dinners, and we had ourselves a nice campfire the last night.

Speaking of the last night, Tom and Marilyn flew out from Wisco and hung out too. The lot of us went down to the river, where yours truly mined for gold. Kristina showed me how to do it, showing me the Idaho method. I'm not filthy rich yet, but this blog is short. Check back for more of my millionaire scheme updates.

Dar's goald in dees mountins!

Check out this great bluegrass band at the local BBQ joint.

The "C" Band, or Carly's mom's band

Thanks again Hawkins & Chrissy, Ellamae, Sasha, Deja, Lucky, Clovis, and Jasper! Had another great time and we hope to make it to the Marble Symposium!

Hawkins & Chrissy

Hey everyone! Check out how good I look!

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