Wednesday, June 1, 2011

We didn't forget San Diego

Kristina jumped the gun on Vegas. Blogging while still in the city is against the blogging code. Just read Gates 6:2 in the Book of Binary:

'Though shall not bloggeth while in the midst of thy blogging subject. I sayeth unto thee.'




We also went to San Diego! Well, Encinitas really. Visited my friend from college and beyond Jeramiah. As well as his 2 roommates Nate and Matt, and his dog Duke and Nate's dog Cali. DeMars, also from Stout, was also up for the weekend.

Just chilled out for the first night. Then we checked out San Diego. First, we went to Balboa Park, they were having an International Food Fair. The food smelled great, but we didn't want to risk the gluten intake. After strolling through the whole San Diego Museum of Art and the Botanical Garden. We got hungry and ate at Urban in downtown. I was pushing for the Croce Bar & Grill, a tribute to Jim Croce, but alas it was not open yet.

Later that night Jeramiah hooked us up with some amazing grilled halibut, asparagus, and some homemade salsa. Bomb. We chilled out and watched the movie 'The Rite', the wrong movie to watch if you want to watch a good movie.

The next day we got up early (in unemployment time) and Jeramiah took me out surfing. It was choppy and big, but it wasn't a complete loss, got to swim in the Pacific and tanned on the hot beach. We finished off with some more In n' Out burgers and packed up the Prius (minor delay with the back getting wet from me leaving the cooler plug open).

Thank you Jeramiah and company for putting us up for a couple of nights!

 Balboa Park
 Balboa Park Botanical Building

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