Friday, February 18, 2011

Getting Closer

This week it hit me.  I will be leaving Portland in a relatively short time.  Actually 3 months, exactly!  I don't know how time all of a sudden flew by, but it did.  I can't sit idle an longer waiting for things to happen, I need to make them happen.  I need to spend time with my friends while I can, because things will be different after May.  Yeah, I plan to come back to Portland after med school, but things won't be the same.  I will be working longer hours, my friends will be in different places, as will I.  I really need to cherish the dwindling moments I have left here!
I have an eventful weekend planned, which will include working on my scrap book - which I hope to start and finish in 3 months. My first one took 4 years to finish!
I am also working on getting everything finalized for DMU.  Another submission of transcripts to the school, a background check, and the FAFSA.  The list is long, I am used to this kind of thing from the application process, so it is becoming second nature. 
Work is going fine.  I am getting better at my phlebotomy skills, and more confident with patients.  I had a first today - a patient fainted during the draw.  It was exciting but not too dramatic nor very eventful (she fell on the arm of the chair and I kept pressure on her arm.)  Every new event that I handle gets me more excited for what I will encounter in school and clincials.  I can't wait to see where this will take me!