Friday, November 26, 2010

Three for three

I realize that I need to post here more often. I will work on that, I have no excuses since the business of applying is over.

So, for the news... I got into all three schools that I interviewed at! I felt like I was too blunt in the last 2 interviews, but they still liked me. I guess they could tell that I was being truthful and that I am totally ready to go to medical school. So the big question remains, where will I go next year? I feel blessed that I have the opportunity to make a decision. I thought long and hard about the decision, made a pros and con list of the three schools. What really made the decision was my heart and my boyfriend being okay with it.

And Des Moines University, here I come! I already made the first payment to hold my seat, and I'm trying to get mentally ready for the weather. We will have a move next summer and a "small" trip before that. I plan to use this blog to keep everyone posted about our trip and the adventure of school following.