Wednesday, June 1, 2011


Just a quick note of our stay in Las Vegas.

  • Monday we ate a half a cow for dinner.  Okay maybe not a half a cow, it was a Kings cut prime rib, about 8 inches tall and the size of a dinner plate. Still huge and really tasty, I'm still salivating over it.
  • Tuesday I ate a half a chicken for dinner.  Who says you can't eat well on a gluten free diet?  I'm wishing I had the leftovers for breakfast.
  • We haven't gone clubbing or partying here, but did walk most of the strip yesterday to see the amazing lobbies of the casinos. Below are some of the textures we found.
  • We also gambled for an hour.  I spent $10 and left with $9 from the slot machines.  Jarrett did a little better at the Black Jack table, and won enough to cover our meals here.
  • The drive in was a little crazy, cars (with Nevada and Arizona plates) were passing us going 90 to 100 mph.  We stayed with the "slow traffic" going 80.  Most of the California plates must have been on the freeway headed West, which had stop and go traffic from the California boarder to LA (over 150 miles!). 
  • It is sunny and hot here (in contrast to Portland where I see it is still raining - sorry guys!) and we are having a great time but ready to get some camping in.

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