Saturday, July 9, 2011

Lambeau to London (New)

I feel like a cartoon character; always the same shirt.

Once we got back to the great state of Wisconsin (from the north this time), we didn't stop until we got to that shrine of football known as Lambeau Field. Home of the Green Bay Packers. A fortune teller told me to look in the basement, this is what I found:

The one on the far right is new.

After gawking at memorabilia of Packer past, eating a couple of brats and being dragged out by Kristina we hit the road again. To the place of my upbringing, New London. I didn't take many pictures so here is another pick from Green Bay.

Yes we do.

New London was fun, I got to hang out with my other two brothers. My dad and I shared a few drinks and pizzas. Most of all we mellowed out sleeping in late and reading often. We stayed for a week and were treated to many good meals, home-cooked and otherwise. Of course I played fetch with the black labs K.C. and Mariah (named after my cousin in the previous post). We even made it out to see a small-town Wisconsin parade:

A chicken on a horse... very parade worthy.

Later, we went west to the Waupaca area
to visit relatives I haven't seen in a long time and Kristina got to meet them for the first time. We walked around on land owned by my brothers and I, taking some scratches and bug bites back with us. We got to see friends I haven't seen in years (too many to name), and they all loved Kristina too.

Jared and Nurys in NL.

Thank you New London for always being there (and not changing too fast) to call home. I've got friends and family there that are priceless in my life, and I wouldn't change them for anybody, except maybe those people on "That 70's Show" it just seems like they have a lot of fun.

My two favorite girls.

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