Friday, July 1, 2011

Saratoga Springs Super Summer Sensation. Sup!?

Kristina, Jesse, and Jen getting ready to laugh.

The Comet, an oldie but a fastie.

We were stuck on the top for about 10 minutes.

Me and Sasquatch have something in common.

Kristina makes a new friend.

A little different, but still brothers.

One of our main destinations we had to hit up was Saratoga Springs, NY. My brother is living/working there, and I haven't seen him in 4+ years. He is still in the Navy and living with his girlfriend Jen, his dog Barron, and 4 cats Jasper, James, Pantera, and Rocky.

We drove in late, but found a good sushi restaurant "Duo" that pleased us (especially Kristina). Try the basil mashed potatoes, apparently the Japanese have bested us on yet another front.

We spent most of our time laying around and reading on the porch. I took some special interest playing fetch with Barron. He loved to chase the kong, but didn't like to give it back. Jesse and Jen took us out to see the horses and the horses were happy to see us too.

The next day, Father's Day, we hit up Six Flags Great Escape for some roller coaster action. Where we saw this guy:

What I found out that day is I can't take a roller coaster like I used too (dizzy, not worse). They really only had 5 coasters and they were pretty short and lacked thrill. It was still worth a lot of fun. We went out for some ice cream after which soothed the tummy.

A day or two after that (days seem to flow together now) we hit up a drive in movie for a double-header. It was "Green Lantern" and "the Hangover Part 2". Green Lantern was alright, but "the Hangover Part 2" had some side-splitting comedy that I'm laughing at still as I type this over a week later. I know it was especially good by the number of times I looked at Kristina and she was shaking her head (for the record Kristina also thought it was hilarious).

That was mostly it, had a great time catching up with Jesse and Jen and we know next time we see them again will be too long.

Oh yeah, this blog program is not being nice, I'll reformat this post later...

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