Tuesday, September 28, 2010


I got accepted to my first school! Of course that would be Des Moines University. The nagging thought in the back of an applicant's head is, "what if I don't get in anywhere"? I didn't have to wait long to get my answer. One interview and one acceptance under my belt! The most refreshing thought here is that I will eventually be a doctor! At least one school thinks I can make it!

It is still early in the process. I am still considering 3 more schools, all in the Pacific NW. I have an interview next week, and am double checking my other applications to make sure everything has been received. I just noticed that one school hadn't processed my reference letters. That would explain why I haven't heard anything from them in a while. Those double and triple checks are really important.

My plan from here is to interview at a school if I am invited. If I am accepted to any more, I will discuss it with my boyfriend and family. I know that location is very important, staying in the NW is the long term and short term goal. I also want to make sure that the school in the NW won't short me on a quality education. I have a strong feeling that this is possible, I can't wait for the schools to show me what they have to offer!

With this also comes the reality of medical school. It will be a difficult and long trip. Last week, at a pre-medical information meeting, several student doctors talked about their experience in their residencies. The reality of the second half of medical school really sunk in as they told their stories. That reality is: long weeks, always trying your best, almost always in a type of long job interview. I am nervous for this step, but I am sure that I have the support and determination to succeed here as well.

I am tough!!!

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