Monday, September 13, 2010

Knee Deep

I am going... going... ... to Des Moines, IA this week! Who in their right mind would be excited to go to Des Moines, but I am. I am excited about the school, their programs, and how smoothly things seem to run. I am excited to check out a new city, from what I read, it seems like an up and coming place. The other part is my interview, I have some idea of what it will be like, but a lot of unknowns - especially how I will be able to handle it. :)
I have my outfit, my shoes, I will have a new haircut. I am a new girl since recovering from at least 1, likely 2 bacterias that were attacking me last week. I do have to state how amazing antibiotics are - even though these days there are issues, how could we survive without them?

Maybe part of this excitement is that this is the first real step beyond the paperwork. I am getting closer to my goal. That short term goal is medical school, the long term goal is a life as a doctor in a small town. Having these amazing goals to work towards makes all the difficult paperwork and expense worth every minute. This really is happening!!!

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