Friday, June 18, 2010

It is ALL complete! My application was submitted Sunday. I recieved notification that AMCAS has processed my application. All of my recommendation letters are in and being submitted as we speak. Thank you to those who wrote them for me! I was editing that crazy essay until the minute before I submitted it. It was a relief to have it done, no more going back and editing little picky words. I am quite proud of it too, it really speaks to who I am. It is kind of weird letting someone read it because it seems so personal to me. I think it may be because I am not used to sharing information of who I am, and that really got there.

Another part of the process is my job. I now have patient experience. I see them, I perform a procedure (however simple it may be). I get to talk to them and see the other side of the workings of a laboratory. I am enjoying my new position! There are a few struggles here and there, patients who are tough pokes, and adjusting to a new schedule and new set of people. All in all things are going well. I am excited for the next part of the application process. I am really looking forward to the interview, I hope that I will be able to show my true colors there, and I know that this really is the career for me!

It is finally sunny out today, and warm enough to hang out outdoors. It is also NOT raining for the first time in a week. Portland has recieved 4 inches of rain in the month of June, so far. The rain never seems to end!

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