Thursday, July 8, 2010


Working on a new set of essays now. My secondaries all came in at the same time. Of course my internet decided to be flaky that same week. I am on day 11 since receiving these secondary emails. So far I have submitted only one. It is even more tough to be organized for this round. All separate emails, all different requirements. I have discovered a few more applications that only need a picture and no essays. That makes the picture a top priority for me. From there, I am working on the essays one school at a time. These are difficult, I have a different kind of time pressure here... no due date, just ASAP. I want to include enough information without repeating things from my first essay (the most difficult part) and without saying something unnecessary.

I'm getting focused on this. Things should move faster now that I have the first essay done. Time for bed since I just got a call that I am starting work earlier than planned.

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