Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Essay time

I forgot how much an essay can be edited. I read it over and over until I have it memorized. Of course I have found several duplicated sentences. Maybe I have been working on it too long since they were almost word for word. I kept one of each and removed the duplicates, the admissions committees probably don't want to read the same thing over and over. I decided to send my essay to a professional editing service. This is worth too much to skimp on the essay. I still have the essay done to my best ability and have gone over it word by word with my boyfriend.

I am ready for this experience. (by the way, that is the key word in my essay) I am excited to move on to my next stage. I am ready for the road trip next summer after I quit my job. I can't wait to begin the school experience. I know it will be hard, but I am sure it will be worth it!

I am stuck waiting for the essay to be edited. I still have a bit more work on some details. I am hoping to turn the thing in by next week! Oh yeah! Time to celebrate with some wine and ice cream.

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