Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Uplifting Meetings

I went to a pre-med meeting this week, of course it was about the essay. I got a lot of advice and heard some very good essays written by others. I also got a confidence boost. Having experiences after college seems to enrich my story and give me more ammunition to fire at the committees. The best part is that everything I have done is genuine, and I feel good about where I have come from and where I am going.

I went to another meeting this morning at work. Grand Rounds, a talk about IBS by an MD. This was wonderful to compare with recent talks I have been to by an ND. I learned a lot from both, but I understand the MD reasoning better. I really appreciate the backing of studies behind statements. This talk hit close to home since I am so involved in the gluten free group. The talk got me excited about the path that I am embarking on. I found some time to write down more thoughts on my essay. I am constantly working on it or thinking about it. Luckilly, the thing is taking shape and is now ready for its many revisions.

So much excitement! Plus, this is my last week at my job! Change all around, and all positive!

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