Sunday, May 9, 2010

Getting into the groove

The application is moving along. I have entered the schools that I am applying to. I have all my undergraduate classes from UP entered – and whew, that was a big task! It is strange reliving those semesters. I worked hard all 4 years, I can tell the semesters that I overloaded myself. Not just class work, but 4 labs, crew, a college social life, and a full schedule. I definitely came out of that semester a stronger woman.

Kind of a look back and a look forward. Back was what I mastered in college, the experiences I had, the struggles and the fun. I am looking forward to dreams of surviving med school in an unknown city. Of exploring, of living minimally again and meeting new friends.

I'm also keeping up with my mentor program emails. Procrastinating is becoming more overwhelming to me than actually doing the task. I sent out a couple emails today which turned out to be super easy. I still have small projects ahead, but I'm realizing that keeping up on my emails will make my life significantly more simple. I even made cookies with my adopted celiac today. The sugar cookies turned into snickerdoodles, but they are my most successful cookie yet. Of course, snickerdoodles have been my favorite the past few months.

This weekend is amazingly productive. Lots of paperwork tasks accomplished, and time for ice cream with cookies to finish off the night!

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