Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Sitting here at work, half working - half continuing my break. It has been a rough night - actually day. I got here at 9:30 to get a latte before I started my "late" shift. I got a random text along with my latte notifying me that a co-worker called in sick again. I told my boss that I would cover this shift if she did again. So, here I am 10Pm and tired as can be. My morning between 9:30 and 3pm was productive, however. I got started reading my phlebotomy text. The first step to my new position! (The new position that won't require these odd shifts with notification after I'm already here).

I am getting all the paperwork and leg work done for professors and co-workers to write my letters of recomendation. I just got the details worked out with UP advisors and will get the packets ready to go for next week. That will give my references 1 and a half months to write my letters and get them to UP.

I also did some research into the schools I plan to apply to. Looks like about 20 total, although a few still need more website investigations before they are for sure. I'll post that list sometime soon. In that I also came across details information for the upcoming application that opens May 3rd.

I can feel my adrenaline pumping harder these last few days. This is really happening, the applications aren't available to fill out yet, but I am preparing for everything that I can. I like to be prepared, and look back at where I was in this process a year ago. I was studying for the MCAT and had no idea where I was going to apply. Good thing I waited. This year, my grades and numbers are the same, but my resume and confidence are dramatically stronger. I don't just have the regular education and volunteer experience. I have more, a long-term job in a lab, (will have direct patient care with Phlebotomy), gained leadership and much more with my mentor program... and the list goes on.

After days like today, I look forward to being a physician. I know the long days will become more common, but the problems (or at least paths to the solution) will be different. When I make I call, I will actually have the authority to get my point across. Hopefully I will actually be paid appropriately for the work I do as well. I am currently working on a project that a supervisor should be doing, I like these kind of projects and know I will get a successuful outcome, but the project is larger than the expectations of my position.

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