Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Quick note.

I am continuing to feel successful about this process. Everyone I talk to lately is enthusiastic about my medical school application process. I have officially asked one person for a letter, 5 to go. I also have some pretty packets prepared for 3, I am quite proud of them (thanks for the help, Jarrett). Maybe asking one person a day will be best for me so I don't get overwhelmed.

Of course, I'm writing this from Starbucks, working on my "second job" of my mentor program. I have a never ending amount of work and emails to send to keep things going. I really wish I had another day in my week to devote to this program. It is exciting that I do have positive feedback from several people, that the program is working. It is so wonderful that I am able to make some impact in this area before I get a medical degree.

Things are moving, not much to report, but it feels like it is moving faster than I am ready for.

1 comment:

  1. I wish I had another week in the month. Keep up the good work.