Sunday, March 21, 2010

Moving Faster

Thinking back to last week, SO very much has changed. The original plan for school was to continue working in Client Services, my current job in the lab until I got in to medical school. From a simple conversation with my Manager last Monday, I was offered a job in Phlebotomy on Wednesday. The biggest twist of this is that I have not yet drawn anyone. I am familiar with the job, but I have not done any of it yet. Everyone I know who is a phlebotomist is sure that I will not have any problem learning it. I am still a little anxious though. (And I should be working on my application for it instead of writing.)

In terms of Med school, this will give me the first hand, and hands on experience that will move me to another level. I still have the average scores, but I am confident that I have a strong experience set. I am beginning to set up my file at UP, the first step of paperwork in this process. I am so excited! I am basically giddy all the time about how things are turning out.

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