Saturday, May 21, 2011

Packin Up

The journey is finally about to begin.  We haven't been working these last two weeks in the sense of getting paid, but we have done a lot of work organizing our stuff.  We have also taken a trip to Boise to drop off some of that stuff for storage for the next couple months while we are on the road trip.  This got us in the driving mode, and also gave us a taste of what will come when we move all the way to Des Moines (2,000 miles).  Oh boy, do we have a lot ahead of us.  I'm so excited!

I don't have a whole lot to say, packing up is the same for everyone.  I did get a couple nice pics on the I-84 heading back to Portland that I wanted to share.  Of course the camera did not do justice to the amazing scenery of Oregon.

This was taken heading down the pass towards Pendleton.  Eastern Oregon was a beautiful soft green instead of the normal brown.  The sun was shining on the fields yet the clouds overhead were dramatic.

Of course the Gorge by The Dalles, shot while the car was moving.   I wonder if we will see anything quite as amazing as this area.

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