Friday, May 27, 2011

More than just Rice A Roni

Word up everybody! Just keeping ya in the loop. Kristina and I spent 2 nights and a day in San Fran. My good friend for life Bob and his girlfriend Lindsay put us up right in the heart of the city. Tuesday was the big day for seeing the city.

We started by getting a feel for "The Haight", but there's a lot of love there too! This area in fact sponsored the Summer of Love back in 1967.

Here is a tribute to some of my favorite artists from my favorite era.

We weaved our way through the incense to find Golden Gate Park. After grabbing some eats @ the Haight Street Market, we huffed and then puffed up on Hippie Hill. Enjoyed some rays and then slunk out before the drum circle got too big.

San Francisco is very walkable, so our feet eventually got us to the de Young Museum. From there we took in some views from the observatory, then walked around the majestic garden with a huge fountain and dozens of statues. This must be what Rome feels like.

 Francis Scott Key gets the biggest statue.
 For the working man and his kin too (hidden behind wine press).
 de Young Museum from observatory tower.
The de Young Museum Observatory in the background.

Of course paradise isn't paradise without a smooth drink. Parched, we shuffled our way over to a great pub with an equally great happy hour, the Toronado Pub. Many excellent beers on tap and white wine for Kristina. Something reminded me of Portland, OR.
Don Younger ~ Publican, Founder of the Horse Brass Pub

After a few pints and good conversation, we road a zero-emission electric bus to the Mission District and met up with Lindsay. Had an amazing meal at the Gratitude, 100% gluten-free, we ate grain-free, and it was all vegan to boot. And by the way one of the most amazingly unique and delicious meals I've ever ate in my life.
Onion sunflower crust pizza, with Brazil nut Parmesan.
 Zucchini noodles, sun-dried tomatoes in a cashew cheese sauce.
So good, we had to get the book!

We got very spoiled in SF and can't thank Bob and Lindsay enough! They were so good at treating us well we almost forgot to take a picture of them when we rolled out on Wednesday.
Bob and Lindsay. (Sorry to catch ya 2 minutes out of bed Bob!)

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